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Open the doors to a brand new, beautiful world! Get the perfect doors for your renovated home from Ben Hill Renovations!


New, beautiful, and energy efficient doors can completely overhaul the look, feel, and function of the outside of your home

Replacing entryway doors, French doors, storm doors, or any other exterior door for your home can be a big undertaking. Most homeowners wait to replace their doors until there are obvious indications of failure with telltale signs like: difficulting opening or shutting, condensation and fogging glass, or rotted frames. For others, the maintenance for older doors can become too much of a hassle. Don't wait until something was obviously wrong with your doors. Let us help you upgrade both the funtionality and look of your home's entryways. We pledge to be with you every step of the way, and help you open the door to the best home renovations you could have ever dreamed of.

If you’re anything like us, you remember the door to your childhood home. You might remember the way it looked, and you might even remember the way it sounded when someone knocked on it. It was literally the divide between the inside of your home, complete with your family and all your memories, and the outside world, which was an endless abyss of things not yet experienced. The portal of possibility, the pillar of protection, however it is that you saw your door, it was an important part of your memory that you interacted with countless times.

Absolutely loved doing business with this company. I own a 1941 Tudor in Adams Park and was losing tons of energy each year because of wooden windows that came with the house. I received quotes from more than 6 companies including pricing from companies associated with Home Depot, Lowe's and BJ's. This company had the best price/value and a lifetime warranty. From the time that the crew arrived through the inspection, Tonya, Daniel and team were extremely professional and responsive. Bottom line, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Ben Hill Renovations, Inc. I am a new number 1 fan!
~ Barry Joyce -

As an adult, it’s easy to see a door as merely a necessary part of your home renovations. But what if you allowed yourself to dream a little bit, like when you were a child? What kind of statement would you make with your door? Would you choose something elegant and ornate? Would you choose something colorful and unique? You really can make a statement with your dream home renovations, because they literally are YOUR dreams, and your home renovations. What will you choose? The possibilities are as endless as your style, your taste, and your imagination.

When you’ve been a premier home renovations specialist in your home state for over 60 years, it becomes very obvious that you are doing much more than just construction services on an empty shell. You realize that you are helping each homeowner and their family reach their dreams. You realize that providing top quality experiences from beginning to end means a little more to you than it might to another company. You realize that you get to be an integral part in the fabric of people’s lives. You realize that because of your company, some other child might be making fond memories of the door that served as a pillar of protection, and opened the portal to endless possibilities. That’s what we call the Ben Hill Difference.