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Scotchgard Stain Resistance
Ben Hill Renovations is the premier installer of Roofs with Scotchgard to protect your roof from algea! For superior service, give us a call.

Roofs With Scotchgard

We recommend shingles with Scotchgard because our team cares about the longevity of your home.

Your roof is the keeper of your home. It keeps you dry from the rain. It keeps you safe from all outside elements. It even protects your home from potential predators. But when your roof begins to wear, it starts to lose its strength against defending your home. Using Atlas Roofing shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector prevents the buildup of roof algae and the dirty streaks that are the first signs that your roof is holding moisture and losing the light reflective strength of modern shingles.

Knowing that algae is what causes roofs to look ‘dirty’ gives you the insight you need to choose roofing shingles that will provide lasting, reliable color and long-term protection for the curb appeal of the home. Install the only Lifetime Limited Warranty against algae that is currently available by using Atlas Roofing shingles featuring Scotchgard Protector.

Scotchgard by 3M is a world renowned brand known for being the premier stain fighter. For years Scotchgard has been known for fighting stains in our carpets, our upholstery and our fabrics. Now, Scotchgard has decided to partner with Atlas to protect our roof systems!

The major problem that has plagued most asphalt shingles for the last 30 years is stains caused by algae. Sure, there have been other algae resistant products on the market but until now, NONE of them have had Scotchgard protection, nor would they offer a Lifetime Warranty against stains caused by algae.