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Insurance Claims
Ben Hill Renovations can help with any storm damaged roofs. Check out our tips for filing your insurance claim and choosing the right contractor for your renovations.

Storm Damaged Roofs

Has your home been damaged from storms, natural disasters, or anything else that might put you in line for insurance claims? Ben Hill Renovations can help you!

Here in the South, we have our fair share of inclement weather, and it can violently change without a moment’s notice. As if it’s not enough of a nightmare to actually navigate the array of thunderstorms, high winds, hurricanes, tornados, ice, and everything else that Mother Nature throws at us, severe weather can really take a toll on our homes. But did you know that your homeowners’ policy might make you eligible for repairs and renovations due to storm damage?

There are many different types of insurance claims filed by homeowners every year. Some of them involve damaged gutters, windows, doors, shingles, or other parts of a home’s structure. Roof damage makes up perhaps the biggest share of insurance claims in the Greater Atlanta area for homeowners who have suffered storm damage. But how do you go about filing insurance claims for storm damage? We believe that your first and best action should be to call the experienced insurance claim professionals from Ben Hill Renovations.

Has your home been damaged from storms, natural disasters, or anything else that might put you in line for insurance claims? Ben Hill Renovations can help you!

Here are a few tips for what to do after encountering storm damage to your home:

  • If you suspect you have storm damage, call Ben Hill Renovations for an inspection. While sooner is often better, an insurance claim can potentially still be filed within 1-2 years of the damaging incident.
  • If we determine that hail or wind damage is present and detected at the time of our inspection, you will need to make the initial call to your insurance company.
  • Your insurance company will schedule a time to come and inspect the damage. You will want to make sure you have a representative on your behalf at this meeting. Call our office to let us know when the insurance adjuster will be there, and we will schedule to meet them at the time of your inspection.
  • Your insurance company will either deny or approve the claim. If the claim is approved, you will need to choose a local, reputable company to replace your roof and/or other damage areas. Ben Hill Renovations would be happy to bid your repair or renovation work, regardless of the insurance claim.
  • If you choose Ben Hill Renovations as your insurance claims contractor, we will not only get to work on getting your home renovations in order, we will actually help you with the final paperwork process, as well as retrieving the necessary documents and communications from your insurance company.
  • Make sure to do your research. If you choose the cheapest option, you may end up spending more money for repairs down the road, and it will come out of your pocket rather than from the insurance company. Get the job done right! Choose a company you know will honor the workmanship warranty.

Your friends from Ben Hill Renovations know what it’s like to encounter hardships from natural disasters, storms, and other things that are beyond our control. We pray that whatever damage may have happened is only to the things that can be replaced. You have insurance for this very reason, and Ben Hill Renovations has the experience, expertise, and tenacity to deal with your insurance claims in a way that will help you recover in the best and most hopeful way possible. Experience the Ben Hill Difference today! We truly care about you, your family, and your home.